Healthcare Analytics that DRIVE Enterprise Data Warehouses #OOW14

In HIMSS14, I wrote about the Healthcare Treasure Map.  Not any treasure map, but an end to end all Clinical and Research PATIENT CENTERED Healthcare domain data model – the Enterprise Healthcare Analytics (EHA).  Colleagues refer to it as THE healthcare data model – similar to how NFL players announce their universities, “THE University of Virginia, THE Ohio State…”  It’s a sense of pride.

Am I proud to drive analytics on top of the EHA?  Absolutely.  It is the IT AND EVERYTHING for population health analysts like me.  I’ve roamed the nation, coast to coast in staff roles – clinical data analyst, disease management, clinical informatics, always looking for a way to streamline my data feeds, consolidate algorithms, unify measure sets, and give transparency to the C-Suite.

At this year’s Oracle Open World, I am so fortunate to be co-presenting alongside Michael Ames, Associate Director – Compass, University of Colorado.  Michael and I will share how the University of Colorado got to the decision point of needing enterprise analytics – across Research, Clinical and Financial.  How the need for Healthcare Analytics drove their EDW decisions.

Join us for Conference Session 8491 “Creating a Digital Healthcare Safety Net with EHA and OBI for Care Transitions” located at the Marriott Marquis – Salon 10/11; Wednesday, October 1, 11:30am – 12:15pm to share how EHA is the digital safety net.

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