3 New Chatter Features You Don’t Want to Miss in Winter ’15

A smarter way of collaborating, tighter security, and integrating with enterprise software like Microsoft Sharepoint or Office 365. While these three new Chatter features in the Winter ’15 release may not have much in common at first, what they represent to me is the true maturity of Chatter product.

  1. Chatter Questions:
    Chatter Questions

    Chatter Questions

    If you use Chatter internally, you have probably seen colleagues ask the same question over and over again, not being aware that someone already asked and got an answer to the question on Chatter weeks or months ago.  Chatter Questions eliminates this redundancy, returning similar questions asked in the past (or even Salesforce Knowledge articles!) as you type your question. If you don’t find what you’re looking for, simply post your question. Chatter Questions effectively replaces Chatter Answers and is available for internal use as well as in Salesforce Communities. Learn more.

  2. Unlisted Groups. Chatter has been an extremely powerful collaboration tool in all areas of business; however, Chatter was too open for truly confidential conversations to take place. Users with view all data could access information in private groups and other users could see that private groups existed and could request access to join. No longer – not only are the groups invisible to standard users who do not belong, but users with view all/modify all data cannot see the groups unless they have a special permission assigned to them (Manage Unlisted Groups). Learn more.
  3. Search for External Files with File Connect: Do you store files in Sharepoint but collaborate in Chatter? You can now setup Files to search your Sharepoint and post Sharepoint documents to your Chatter feed. The best part is that it respects the sharing permissions you’ve setup in Sharepoint so there is no violation of the security you already setup. Learn more.


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