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Modernizing Healthcare Interoperability with Oracle | #OOW14

Technology is opening up opportunities to move us further down the path of “best” outcomes AND more cost effectively than ever before. That is a tsunami that cannot be stopped. The use of personal health information in the delivery of care, optimizing outcomes and administering care within a cost context that our nation can afford will happen. Is it five years, ten years or fifty years out – we can all speculate. It will happen.

Modernizing Healthcare interoperability with OracleOne of the areas that really “gets to me” as needing timely attention is the transition of care from hospital to skilled nursing homes … and a close second is the tele health aspects of elderly remote at home care … having experienced both in recent years in a personal way with caring for my mom.  It is just tragic to see how our elderly are managed and the not huge but expansive gaps in this process.  And … we were dealing with quite reputable organizations.

This is why I’m so passionate about subjects like healthcare interoperability.  My colleagues at Perficient provide a robust portfolio of services that help transform enterprises from simply processing HL7 messages to providing an architecture using Oracle Fusion Middleware to:

  • Automate workflow across enterprise systems
  • Facilitate a unified business process platform that can provide end-to-end tracking, visibility, auditing, business intelligence, governance and security
  • Enable multiple integration message types including Web Services, HL7 or batch data transfers
  • Provide a single view of a patient or provider among disparate systems, using Oracle Master Person Index
  • Leverage WebCenter Portal to connect patients to providers

As an Oracle Platinum partner and we’ve gained expertise from nearly 2,000 Oracle projects with our clients the past 15 years and we have amassed vast amounts of best practices and ideas to share.

Join our webinar “Tackle Healthcare Interoperability Challenges and Improve Transitions of Care” on Thursday, September 25, 2014 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM CT to learn more about modernizing your Oracle Healthcare Interoperability environment.

We will also be at #OOW14 so stop by and visit with our Healthcare experts at the Healthcare Solutions in Industry Central (Marriott Hotel Atrium Lobby) at the Perficient kiosk (HMH-003) to discuss healthcare interoperability!

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Terie McClintock

Terie McClintock is the Oracle Healthcare Practice Director at Perficient, Inc. where she is responsible for providing healthcare subject matter expertise to the Perficient Oracle National Business Unit while also cultivating and managing the partnership with Oracle’s Healthcare Vertical and Horizontal Business Units. Terie has more than 25 years of IT experience. Prior to joining Perficient, Terie contributed over 13 years at M.D. Anderson Cancer Center with the most recent title of Director, Data Management Services. Prior to M.D. Anderson, Terie worked for IBM as a Senior Consultant.

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