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Trends that are shaping the expectations of the connected consumer

As the connected consumer evolves, demands and expectations continue to rise, and trends rapidly change.  Connected Consumers use the power of information to drive prices down, yet still demand a high level of service.  Retailers must utilize and analyze complex data to understand insights, customer service expectations and responses that will supersede the expectations of their demanding customers.   Due to digital, mobile and social evolutions, the consumer experience is ever changing and creating challenges as well as opportunities for retailers to connect and engage with their consumers.  So what are some of the trends that are shaping consumer’s choices and expectations in 2014?app
From social media providing another element for engagement and adding value for consumers and different stages of the shopper’s journey to the importance of personalized shopping experiences for individual consumer to mobile transforming the way the connected consumer shops to the expectations of faster delivery (insert Amazon here)…all these trends and more are happening now.  Perficient’s Consumer Markets practice has addressed these trends and more and what retailers are doing in order to stay competitive and meet the changing demands of connected consumers in a new whitepaper: Retailer’s Guide to the Connected Consumer.
Want to read more?  Click here to download the whitepaper now!

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