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Apple: The New Digital Hub for Healthcare Data

In 2001, Apple introduced the ipod, and even though they weren’t the first to create a digital music player, the innovation, convenience and simple integration into iTunes, helped the ipod take digital music to the masses. Apple hopes to have a similar experience with the Apple Watch.Apple: The New Digital Hub for Healthcare Data

In a much anticipated event the tech giant revealed the new Apple Watch (VIDEO), a comprehensive health and fitness device that will collect medical and fitness data. Apple’s introduction to the wearable technology space comes at an opportune time. Although wearable technologies have typically been owned by gadget enthusiasts, calorie-counters and fitness buffs, a recent analysis by Citi projected the smartwatch market to reach $10 billion worldwide by 2018. If Apple gets it right, they could be the first to make average people want to buy a wearable device.

Tracking health data is already common amongst many Americans. A January 2013 report by Pew Research found that 69% of U.S. adults track one or more health indicators. Of those that track data, 49% say they store the data in their head and 34% use paper. The Apple Watch will electronically collect the data and share it with healthcare providers through the Apple HealthKit app.

apple_watchThe Apple Watch and HealthKit app are a game changer for the healthcare industry but it is Apple’s partnerships with healthcare industry giants such as Epic and Mayo Clinic that will be the key to their success. These partnerships will be a win-win for everyone as healthcare stakeholders work together to achieve better patient outcomes and lower the cost of healthcare.

The combination of the Apple Watch, the HealthKit app and industry collaboration could help solve the healthcare data collection problem and facilitate continuous wellness rather than sick care. If Apple can solve the data collection challenge and provide seamless medical and fitness integration, the healthcare industry will be dramatically changed, and Apple may become the digital hub for healthcare data.

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