SharePoint Online (O365) adds security and compliance services

In the past month, Microsoft has added two key new service capabilities to SharePoint Online and Rights Management that provide a more robust secure computing experience.  The first is the introduction of data loss prevention and the second is the improvements in protecting content across all platforms including OS X Support.

Data Loss Prevention

DLPSharePoint Online now provides the ability to perform a legal audit to determine the amount of risk posed by data stored on SharePoint sites and OneDrive, commonly known as data loss prevention or DLP. This capability provides the ability to identifying 51 built-in sensitive information types such as credit cards, passport numbers, and Social Security numbers. Once discovered there is the ability to perform an audit and export a report with suspect content.
There is future capabilities for policy creation that automatically detects sensitive content and applies protection, such as deletion or quarantine for review.
For more information about Using DLP in SharePoint Online, review this TechNet article
For more information about the Using 51 DLP Information Types, review this TechNet article.

Rights Management

ShareProtectedThe Rights Management platform announced significant enhancements in the support of non-native Office formats.
The current Rights Management platform supports native Office 2010, Office 2013 and Office 365 however does not support anything else. To resolve this issue, there is now a “Share Protected” button. The Share Protected option shares and Office documents via email by sending recipients both an RMS protected version of the Office document and a protected PDF copy of the same file. When sending via the “Share Protected”, the email notifies of document use (or abuse). This provides insight into how the sensitive document is being used as intended.
For more information about the Using Rights Management on SharePoint Library, review this TechNet article.


These new capabilities ensure that sensitive information is securely stored and appropriately enforced through the DLP capabilities. Combined with the “Share Protected” capabilities, these improvements enhance the viability of SharePoint Online as a secure environment for collaboration.

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