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Spaces in Binding String Causes Issues in Sitecore AD Module

Recently working with a client in which we installed the Sitecore Active Directory Module version 1.1 with a Sitecore 7.1 implementation. So after configuring the AD module in the client’s authoring environment, two issues existed. The first was we received a .NET error as follows -> [ArgumentException: Provider name cannot be null or empty.]. We wanted to include additional fields in Sitecore from AD such as telephone number. Once we reverted out profile configuration, we also realized that roles from AD were not being integrated.
Spaces in Binding String Causes Issues in Sitecore AD ModuleSo after a lot of trial and error, and a couple of rounds through Sitecore support, the culprit ended up being a space character. Our specific space character was in the organizational unit similar to OU=Corporate Users. So Sitecore support developed a quick patch to work around the issue. We installed the new assembly and made some configuration changes:

<add name=”ad” type=”LightLDAP.Support.SitecoreADProfileProviderFixed, Sitecore.Support.403508″ connectionStringName=”ad” … …/> – change the profile provider definition
<add name=”ad” type=”LightLDAP.Support.SitecoreADRoleProviderFixed, Sitecore.Support.403508″ connectionStringName=”ad” … …/> – change the role provider definition

If you run into such an issue in your implementation, don’t hesitate to contact Sitecore support to get the patch. Make reference to issue ID 417172.

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