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What Most Successful Life Sciences Companies Have in Common

Life sciences companies are devoted to developing sophisticated drugs, services and other therapies, yet many still rely on spreadsheets, paper, and overly-complicated homegrown systems to manage activities related to clinical trials. It’s hard to believe, considering the myriad benefits that a tried-and-true clinical trial management system (CTMS) can provide. It’s widely understood that a CTMS saves time, lower Siebel-CTMScosts, reduces errors, and streamlines the overall management of clinical trials, which is why you would be hard-pressed to find a company with a strong portfolio of products on the market without one.

Before you launch your search for the right CTMS, it’s crucial to get a complete understanding of what a CTMS is, what types of CTMS solutions and implementation options are available, and when the timing is right to get one.

If you are a life sciences company that doesn’t use a CTMS yet or is looking to replace an existing CTMS (yes, this does happen!), join us on August 28, 2014 for The ABCs of Clinical Trial Management Systems. The webinar will provide you with a solid primer to anyone who is about to embark on a CTMS search.

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Director, Industry and Regional Marketing

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