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Top 5 Digital Trends for Back-to-School Season in Retail

I came across NRF’s infographic on the Top 2014 Back-to-School and College Trends.
Let’s break this down and look at how the new “connected consumer” era of retail is impacting shopping trends through digital and technology channels. Here are 5 top digital trends from the survey:

  1. 2014-back-to-school-infographic-662px44% will purchase items online, up from 37% last year
  2. More back-to-college shoppers own a smartphone (76%) and/or a tablet (45%) than ever seen in the history of the NRF survey.
  3. 54% will use a tablet to shop online this season for back-to-college needs
  4. 57% will use their smartphone for back-to-college shopping
  5. Spending on laptops, desktop computers, tablets and other electronics is up 20% over last year, and it’s the highest it’s been since 2009.
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The Digital Essentials, Part 1

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View the infographic below, or check it out online here.

Infographic provided by National Retail Federation

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