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NFL Chooses Microsoft – Surface Tablets On-Field!

If you’re a fan of the NFL, you will know that every team uses a series of camera’s at different angles to take snap shots of every play. Those images are relayed back to the teams on the sidelines and then are printed out on full pages. You might have seen classic images of your favorite quarterback flipping through them in between drives. Peyton-Manning-Studying-on-the-sideline
Here’s a picture of my favorite, Peyton Manning, looking perplexed as he flips the images.
This year, the NFL has decided to leave the stone ages of printing images on paper, and has chosen Microsoft to provide specially made Surface Tablets to every NFL team for viewing these images.
The tablets will be connected to their own private network inside each stadium with no outside internet access, so don’t expect sideline Tweets or Instagram pics. The pictures will be in full color and the tablet will allow coaches to zoom in or annotate with the Surface’s digital pen.
The deal for this year is to use the Surface 2, not the newer Surface 3. Presumably because the scrubbing of the machines and setup of the specialty services takes quite a bit of time. I would assume the NFL to get updated tablets each year.
What a great way to use modern technology! We at Perficient highly recommend the Surface 3. It’s a great device and can be a true laptop replacement for most business users. If you haven’t seen the new model, check out this cool intro video.

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