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A Better eCommerce Experience – Insite for Sitecore

A few months ago our VP of Sales posted an article, But I Want Commerce and Content Management!The post talked about the need and growing availability of combined commerce and content management solutions.
Recently, two of our technology platform partners, Insite Software and Sitecore, have formed a strategic alliance to bring an even better eCommerce solution to market for B2B enterprise companies.  Over the last few months, Insite Software has been working to improve integration capabilities with InsiteCommerce™ and the Sitecore® Experience Platform™ to deliver better engagement and personalized customer experiences for enterprise B2B manufacturers and distributors.

As you may also know, Sitecore acquired in November 2013. So, why the integration with Insite? Commerce Server is built for B2C retail markets, but Insite is a great solution for enterprise B2B eCommerce. Combined, Insite and Sitecore can compete with high end (and high cost) solutions from Adobe and SAP.
The Insite for Sitecore integration allows companies to more effectively manage content and commerce experiences in the same environment. Insite customer portals and eCommerce sites can be managed from within the Sitecore toolset, allowing companies to easily deploy commerce functions and create customized experiences for their customers. In managing product information, Insite manages Product Master Data, Cross Sell / Upsell / Accessories, Multi-Warehouse, Shipping Dimensions, Product Configuration / Families, Attribute Management, and Catalog Management.  Sitecore manages SEO, Rich Content Management, DAM, Personalized experience, and Print / APS for products.
A new library of web page templates has also been designed for pages to be developed using the Sitecore Digital Marketing System (DMS). The page templates offered through the Web Page Library allow for rapid deployment.   You can pick and choose between Insite and Sitecore page templates to create a more robust customer experience.
Check out the Insite for Sitecore Infographic for a view into how they integrate to improve functionality. Download Infographic >>
We strive to help our clients arrive at a better destination as a result of closely understanding how they measure and define goals for their business and implementing solutions that help them achieve success. The capabilities offered as a result of this this new integration between InsiteCommerce and Sitecore will provide companies with a way to rapidly deploy a better, customized eCommerce experience for their customers.
For those that are not familiar with Insite Software or Sitecore, here’s a little background…
Insite Software is the leading eCommerce and shipping platform provider for manufacturers and distributors requiring B2B, B2C, and mobile solutions.  Approaching 1,000 customers globally, InsiteCommerce is used by many leading companies for end-to-end eCommerce across their dealers, franchisers, stores, contractors, buyers, consumers, and others. Learn more about Insite Software at
Sitecore is the global leader in customer experience management software. The company delivers highly relevant content and personalized digital experiences that delight audiences, build loyalty and drive revenue. With the Sitecore Experience Platform, marketers can own the experience of every customer that engages with their brand, across every channel. Learn more about Sitecore at

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