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Hilton launches mobile initiative to give the consumer control

Michael Porter, Sales Director at Perficient, recently wrote a blog post about Hilton’s unveiling of their new customer experience initiative via the mobile channel.  It will enable consumers to utilize their smartphones to check in, view floor plans to select the rooms they would like, submit special requests (ie. room service), etc.  Hilton recognized that their guests needs and wants are changing as the variety of choices expand and brand loyalty is harden to win while becoming more important than ever. To stay competitive, Hilton is making long term plans through this initiative on all digital fronts.  Mobile will plan an important role in delivering the kinds of experiences, especially with the global rise in mobile and smartphone use.   Due to their long term plans, the hotelier making a huge investment for this initiative…

But think about what they get out of this investment.  First, they get the cache of being first with a key enabling technology. Second, if they architected this right, they setup their application to do everything.  If you can get a special amenity ordered up then how hard should it be to order room service?  How about adding in concierge requests for tickets to that special event or restaurant?

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