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It’s IaaS not IaaS – Creating a nimble Healthcare organization

I always find industry acronyms amusing. Sometimes they describe new technologies, other times they are a new name for an existing technology (maybe with a slight twist). And then there are those times when two different technologies, models, theories, etc. end upwith the same acronym. Such is the case with Information as a Service and Infrastructure as a Service. Both are interesting concepts that deserve equal time, but today I would like to talk about Information as a Service (IaaS).

IaaS PicIaaS is certainly not a new concept. It has been around for a while. But it does merit a re-visit every now and then, since many healthcare organizations still struggle with integrating multiple systems and data sources.

At the core of IaaS is the concept of developing a common data model (also known as a canonical model) using schematic mapping and master data management. The common data model that is exposed represents multiple autonomous information sources that organizations use in order to transact business on a daily basis.

The essential gain in the IaaS model is that it creates one source of truth for data. Tie this in with a well thought out orchestration layer that is inserted between the common data model and the various applications that need to access the data, and all of the sudden you have a powerful platform that provides a healthcare organization with the ability to quickly develop new applications on multiple platforms including, traditional SOA, cloud or even mobile.

Implemented properly, IaaS can decouple a healthcare organization’s applications from its data stores. The model allows for flexibility, increased reusability, and the ability to move quickly should business or market demands require it. In other words, it allows for an organization to become nimble. And in todays world, healthcare organizations need to be nimble to keep up with the ever changing landscape of new regulations and technologies.

What are your thoughts or experiences surrounding the implementation and maintenance of IaaS in your organization?

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