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Working Moms: Eating Popsicles in Pantsuits

A smart phone with calendar apps, to-do lists and Toca Boca games.
A commute that starts with the Frozen soundtrack and ends with Ted Talks podcasts.
A brain filled with goals and objectives and a heart filled with morning kisses and afternoon smiles.
This is what daily life looks like for working moms.
Working Moms: Eating Popsicles in PantsuitsWhen we are at home, we are thinking about work and when we are at work, we are thinking about our kids. Unless we have work-life integration.
Family life is all about being there for each other, trust and making incredible memories. But memories don’t just happen on nights and weekends. Neither do dramas or accidents.
Memories are created in the little spaces of every day life. And mothers never, ever stop being mothers.
We can’t stop being moms when a first loose tooth happens on Thursday at 8am.
We can’t stop being moms when we receive a call from the nurse’s office at 2:00 on a Tuesday.
We can’t stop being moms when our daughter goes through her first breakup and she needs you to sit with her just a few minutes longer before you go to work.
And we don’t want to.
We want motherhood to hold its rightful place in our lives. We don’t want to miss having a little cry on the first day of kindergarten or being a volunteer in our child’s classroom because we have to be at work from 9 to 5 every day. We want to fuel our family life with as much passion as we give to our careers. We want to take a few minutes to give goodbye kisses through fences so that we can walk into work ready to brainstorm, strategize, and create projects that challenge us and drive business forward.
We want to grow our children.
We want to grow ourselves.
We want to grow our companies.
We want to eat popsicles in our pantsuits.
At Perficient, I never have to think twice when the volunteer sheet is posted in the classroom or when the only appointment available for the pediatrician is at 3:00. I’ll be there. I can work around it. And that makes me work harder and with more passion for my company because they respect me as both a team member and a family member.
I am fortunate to work with some absolutely brilliant women who inspire me every day. I can always depend on them for teamwork and focus. At Perficient, having the freedom to take care of your personal life gives you the focus to drive business for a company that supports you….even if you happen to have a fresh, new Dora tattoo underneath your dress shirt.

Thoughts on “Working Moms: Eating Popsicles in Pantsuits”

  1. Sharon Suchoval

    Thanks Beth. It can be difficult to convey how we feel. I’ve never felt that I “wanted it all.” I’ve always just wanted to do the best at each of the roles in my life. I’m so happy that you connected with it.

  2. So perfectly said. Being a mom is a 24/7 job, and it’s so great to work for a company that understands that things happen, and schedules sometimes need to shift to accommodate the little ones.

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