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Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Consulting Happiness

On July 4th the United States celebrates Independence Day. Many of the readers of this blog enjoy the freedoms the United States offers but they don’t have that same feeling of freedom in their career. How can you achieve life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness in your consulting career? Here are some recommendations.
Life, Liberty & The Pursuit of Consulting HappinessExercise a Work/Life Balance – It’s easy for projects to become all consuming as the work week spills into evenings and weekends. Well-balanced workers pursue meaningful personal relationships and engage in leisure activities that help them decompress from the stress of the work world. Working for an organization like Perficient that encourages employees to live a balanced life is a key component to a successful long-term career.
Work on Projects that Make a Difference – People have an innate desire to use their skills and creativity to build products and solutions that make a difference in peoples lives. Not all of us have been called to travel to remote parts of the globe to help those in need, but our work can still make a positive impact in the lives of those we serve. Our team members know that when they build a new application for a car dealership, help clients deliver services to their customers, or create a CMS system they are making a difference.
Keep Growing – When consultants stop pushing themselves to learn and grow they become stagnant and begin to feel trapped in their role. Pursue positions and organizations where the culture encourages continuing education and creative ways to solve challenges.
Make an Impact – Consultants who seek out leaders in their organization and opportunities to maximize their contributions are taking ownership of their careers. Holding an important role on a project builds engagement and increases the opportunity for recognition as the project evolves.

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