Office Graph and Oslo in Office 365 – Finally Here?

If this is the first time you heard about “Oslo” then here is a quick introduction for you:
Oslo is a new way to search and discover content across O365 based on personalized insights. These new insights are derived from each users’ behavior, their relationships to content, topics and one another. The idea is to tailor and surface the most relevant content for you at any given time from your network. What’s considered relevant is based on you, who you work with, and what topics your colleagues are working on. This helps you stay better connected and informed on topics that matter most to you. In addition, the new experience provides an engaging and natural way to search for content across any source from within a single view.
It’s probably the single most powerful end user feature we have seen in office 365 or in any collaboration platform for that matter.

What do we know latest about the progress of Oslo – Is it here?

Oslo is now tagged with status “Started” on Yammer release schedule:
Indications of Coming Soon
First One:
While working through search web parts, I found something interesting the other day in my Office 365 Tenant. Disclaimer: This may or may not be part of your tenant yet based on rollout schedule.
Interesting artifact is the new result source: “Local SharePoint Graph”. This result source shows as part of Query Builder when working through search web parts. Now we do know that Office Graph may get its own index, so we probably can assume that this new result source is mapped to that Graph Index.
Second One:
I navigated to SharePoint Online user profile page and noticed a field towards the bottom called ‘OfficeGraphEnabled’ with a check box, which is in line with our understanding of how Oslo works. It connects people, content, and conversations which is highly personalized and based on user behavior.
Very excited to see glimpses of this new feature, tells me that we may very well see this sooner than anticipated.

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