Philips Moves Further into the Healthcare Industry

It was inevitable, as continues ramp-up its vertical strategy, new industry specific solutions continue to emerge. A recently announced partnership with Philips moves further into the healthcare industry. and Philips joined forces to provide a solution which lowers costs for physicians and provides better treatments for sufferers of chronic conditions.

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Healthcare PayorsThe new solution is one of many that will surface in healthcare in the months ahead. In fact, payors have already expressed interest in technologies that increase patient empowerment over their treatments. Perficient has been helping both providers and payors simplify the interaction with patients through the use of’s secure cloud technology. Perficient has also been assisting organizations in the industry to enhance their sales, marketing, human resources and IT operations in a number of other ways too.

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P.S. Watch for the latest Perficient Perspective on Healthcare and Salesforce.

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