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Webinar Recap: SharePoint 2013 Hybrid Scenarios That Make Sense

Cloud services like Office 365 and SharePoint Online are becoming an increasingly popular alternative to an on-premises SharePoint solution. However, many organizations are deciding that their best bet is to deploy specific solutions in Office 365, while keeping other workloads in their on-premises SharePoint environment. Certain hybrid scenarios make sense, and others don’t.
This past Wednesday, we held a webinar on that exact topic – SharePoint Hybrid Scenarios That Make Sense: Optimizing Your SharePoint and Office 365 Investment.  During the session, Jason Bell, a senior solution architect, and Matt Barman, a client director, both of whom work within Perficient’s Microsoft practice, shared their experience working with SharePoint in a hybrid environment.
The two began by explaining what SharePoint hybrid is, followed by the strengths of SharePoint Online and workloads best suited for the cloud. They followed this by covering best practices, and lastly, they shared two examples of Perficient clients who have deployed SharePoint hybrid, and their specific situations.
There were many great questions that came in during the session, and Matt and Jason wrapped up with enough time to answer a good portion of them. For the full webinar replay, including the Q&A portion, click here.
If you want to hear from one of our clients on their decision to deploy SharePoint Online to collaborate, join us on Wednesday, June 25 for a webinar with FirstGroup. During that session, they’ll discuss how SharePoint Online is being used to share across five divisions (one being Greyhound) and the impact it’s expected to have across the organization. Perficient’s Chris Hines will also talk about both the benefits and challenges of SharePoint Online. Click here to register.

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