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Upcoming Webinar: The Modern Data Warehouse – A Hybrid Story

Organizations of all sizes are looking more seriously at the cloud, and beginning to understand the scalability and cost savings benefits of a hybrid solution. Given the benefits of a properly implemented hybrid solution, it’s logical to consider other areas of the business that can gain from the cloud – one of those being your data analytics platforms.
Data warehousing in the cloud. Sounds almost idyllic, right? Well, it just might be, especially if you are looking for a fast, efficient way to stand up a data warehouse. So, how can you leverage SQL Server 2014 and Azure to build that data warehouse? sql-server-2014-logoFind out next week, on Thursday, June 19 at 1 pm, during a webinar on The Modern Data Warehouse – A Hybrid Story.
Duane Schafer, Microsoft Business Intelligence Practice Director at Perficient, will discuss the hows and whys around implementing your analytics platform in a hybrid environment. While on premises vs. cloud is the major decision, you’ll also want to consider things like “traditional’ disk-based storage and computing vs. in-memory.
If you’d like to learn a bit more and can’t wait another week, Duane shares his excitement for the new capabilities of SQL Server 2014 and Azure in a recent blog post.
To register for the webinar, click here.
The Modern Data Warehouse – A Hybrid Story
Thursday, June 19, 2014
1:00 p.m. CT

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