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Document Conversations – Yammer, SharePoint, OneDrive Integration

In really exciting news today, Microsoft announced new integrations between Yammer, SharePoint Online, and OneDrive called document conversations. We had a sneak peak of this functionality back in March at the  SharePoint Conference. At the time, Microsoft announced these changes would come “sometime this year” and I am really happy to start seeing this functionality early summer. This is only the beginning, there are many more exciting integrations coming. Stay tuned to this blog for more updates.
What is a Document Conversation?
The title is indicative of the functionality, its conversations on your documents – any document stored in SharePoint Online and OneDrive for Business. This functionality requires that you are using Yammer as your default social network in Office 365.

Document conversations enable people to share their ideas and expertise around Office documents, images and videos right from within the content they are editing or reviewing. Imagine being able to ask questions, find expertise and offer feedback about content without having to leave the application you’re working in! Because it’s Yammer you can also view and participate in conversations outside your document, on your mobile device, in Microsoft Dynamics CRM or any app where a Yammer feed is embedded!

When will I see this functionality in my tenant?
This is a bit of an unknown. According to the Office Blog, this functionality will be “rolled out to our customers during the course of this summer”. Stay tuned and keep an eye out on your tenant.
For more information, see the Office Blog for frequently asked questions. And check out this video published by Microsoft

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