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Lessons Learned from Cisco Pulling The Plug on Quad

Lessons Learned from Cisco Pulling the Plug on Quad

Kashyap Kompella has a short but really good article on the Lessons Learned from Cisco Pulling the Plug on Quad.  I’ve followed Cisco’s Quad / Webex Social for a while and even had the chance to see a demo while working at a client.  I was impressed by their vision of integration portal, social, and messaging.  I like what they did to bring it all together.  However, they were never compelling enough to create a long term product.  Kashyap has a couple lessons learned:

  1. Lessons Learned from Cisco Pulling the Plug on QuadChoose a vendor where portal or social is a meaty product.  Let’s face it, Microsoft, IBM, Liferay, Oracle and others have a legacy and consider the portal a key part of their business.   Cisco never quite reached that.
  2. Consider alignment between the product and a company’s DNA.  Enough said.

I think I need to apply Kashyap’s lessons to other vendors with other products as well.

It’s worth reading.

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