Congrats to Sitecore, MSFT ISV Partner of the Year

The Perficient Sitecore Practice team would like to extend our congratulations to Sitecore for being named Microsoft’s ISV Partner of the Year for 2014!  You can see the full list of winners here.  As an implementation partner of Sitecore, and a Microsoft NSI who’s won a Partner of the Year award, we certainly understand the amount of work that goes into an achievement of this magnitude.  I know we think that Sitecore is a great platform to develop on, and it’s nice to see that the company behind the platform is being recognized for their hard work and awesome product.
Congrats to Sitecore, MSFT ISV Partner of the YearMost of our team started out doing custom .NET development or SharePoint development before beginning our trek of implementing Sitecore sites, so I feel like we have a good range of skills towards the evaluation of Microsoft-related technologies.  I can only speak (or in this case write) for myself, but I know that it’s hard to imagine going back to straight .NET development after having been exposed to the Sitecore platform.  That’s actually quite a statement, because I was always a fan of “do it yourself” coding where the developers had full control over everything.  Now that I’ve experienced Sitecore though, I can definitely say that writing sites on top of it has accelerated the throughput I’m able to produce as a developer while also expanding the amount of capabilities my clients will have.  It’s actually rather nice to not have to develop an admin screen for every single new piece of information that needs to be incorporated on a site.  I know our clients are happy to save that time as well, and are able to go to market quicker, which is certainly a benefit towards their lines of business.
Since this award is for 2014, and we’re only half way through it, I think it’s safe to assume that the award carries with it some level of potential towards Sitecore.  In other words, Sitecore is not only winning this based on their work-to-date, but also on the potential that they are expected to deliver on for the rest of the year.  I’ve written about this in the past, but I think it’s something that can be said again – it’s very exciting to work in conjunction with a technology partner that is interested in pushing boundaries and being the leader in their market.  I look forward to the further innovations that Sitecore will deliver to the Digital Experience markets, like their Experience Database  and further Azure cloud-based capabilities.
Once again, I just wanted to extend a well-deserved Congratulations to all the employees of Sitecore on the behalf of Perficient!

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Jamie Stump

My name is Jamie Stump, and I am a Senior Sitecore Consultant at Perficient. I was honored to be named one of only 42 2013 Sitecore MVP’s worldwide. I specialize in Sitecore Architecture and Development and my broad Sitecore experience includes Sitecore installation, configuration and CEP development, including custom DMS implementations for clients. I have implemented Sitecore solutions for a number of industry verticals including manufacturing, healthcare, financial services, advertising and retail. In addition to architecting and implementing Sitecore sites and eCommerce solutions, I also work with other Microsoft Technologies, including the .NET platform and SQL Server. You can read through my older Sitecore related blog posts here and my newer ones here. I graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Information Systems Development from York College of PA. I am originally from the suburbs of Philadelphia, PA, and still reside there with my wife, son, English bulldog and 2 cats.

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