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Customer Analytics with IBM Tealeaf

At the IBM Smarter Commerce Global Summit 2014, Ken Bisconti, IBM’s Business Leader for IBM Customer Analytics (formerly known as Tealeaf), spoke about continuous customer engagement and he focused on three themes:
  1. Lifetime of customer journeys
  2. Cultural / organizational challenges
  3. Customer experience and analytics
channels x technologies x individuals x data x LOB = vast amount of patchy data or view of the customer
how do you view the customer
  • marketing : opinions, preferences, needs, sentiment, demographics
  • merchandising: demographics, merchandising heuristics
  • eCommerce
  • contact center : customer profiles:
How does the customer see you:
  • email, txt, -> marketing
  • e-commerce UI -> eCommerce
  • web self service, case management, email -> contact center / service
  • separate experience from other channels -> mobile

Customer Engagement

IBM Watson can be used for Deeper Customer Engagement
  • Cognitive computing for customer self-service as well as agent assistance
  • provides answers, not links and web pages
  • answers with evidence, not guesses
Service and Delight your Customers

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