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Top Five Reasons to Upgrade from Windows XP

# 5 – Familiarity
One of the reasons organizations have tended to stay with XP for so long is their employees are familiar with it. Like an old friend, it’s comfortable and easy to deal with. However churn among your IT administrators and other employees has changed the dynamic. Most people are now more familiar with newer operating systems. When new associates sit down in front of XP, it is likely to be dramatically different (and disappointing) than the more up to date operating systems they use at home and at their previous job.
#4 – Speed and Productivity
Windows XP typically takes at least 30 seconds to boot and often much longer. Windows 8.1 can boot in about 10 seconds. That 20 seconds can easily turn into 5 minutes or more of lost productivity every day when you walk away to do something else while XP boots.
#3 – Web Browsers and New Applications
More applications, business and personal, will be developed to be used via a web browser. It takes extra time to develop new applications which are compatible with old browser versions. Over the short term, many new applications just won’t work with XP.
#2 – Office 2013 and Office 365
Office 2013 and Office 365 ProPlus are not supported on Windows XP. Office 365 only supports software and operating systems which are still in mainstream support. The cloud and other popular software packages are leaving you behind!
(Drumroll please…)
#1 – Security
The XP operating system came to market in 2001. Time Warner and AOL merged that year. Although XP lasted longer than that disaster, the security implications of sticking with XP any longer could likely create a security disaster in your desktop environment. Hackers now know every way to compromise your OS. Do you think they are not already taking advantage of this potential bonanza?
Don’t put it off any longer. Perficient has the experience and talented staff to help you ease this transition.

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