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remote_frontWhen Jason Fried & David Hannson wrote the book “Remote: Office Not Required” they outlined a growing trend in the workforce of employees working in non-traditional venues. When the book was published in late October, 2013 one in five global workers telecommuted frequently and nearly ten percent worked from home every day. In addition, 60% of employees stated they wish they had a full-time work-from-home option.  
Perficient has embraced the principles of a flexible work environment and does its best to provide employees with a variety of work options. Perficient colleagues spend their work hours in three primary ways:
Client Sites – Many of our consultants will spend a significant portion of their time at the client doing hands-on work with Perficient peers and client team members. The amount of time spent at a client site will vary by engagement, but most projects do require onsite visibility.
Perficient Offices – Perficient has more than 20 locations in the United States and many colleagues enjoy spending time in the office collaborating with team members or participating in training. See a comprehensive list of Perficient’s offices.
Working from Home – In certain situations, Perficient colleagues can work from home when there are no immediate needs at the client site or Perficient offices. In certain situations, Perficient will hire an employee in a full-time remote role if they don’t live near an office, are available for travel, and can perform their required tasks remotely.
Perficient also uses the social collaboration tools Lync & Yammer to help colleagues stay connected regardless of their geographic location.
Do you have any experience working as a remote employee?  Please share them with us in the comment section below.

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