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The Evolution of Financial Services Has Already Begun

Today we’re featuring a guest post from Krystle Vermes, marketing manager at Seismic, discussing how financial enterprises and financial advisors must stay ahead of the game with clients. Seismic is a Perficient technology partner and will be joining us on May 20 at 1:00 ET for a webinar, “How to Improve Sales Performance with Next Gen Sales Enablement Technology in Financial Services”. 

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Change is coming.

A report released by global analytics company Cerulli Associates in 2013 discovered that one-third of financial advisors intend to leave the industry within the next decade. The median age of this group continues to increase, which may be partially responsible for the inevitable decrease.

However, jobs in this field also tend to be demanding. Investment News magazine specified that the demand for financial services continues to increase as Baby Boomers retire and young adults inherit more wealth.

Is it any wonder that there is a lack of experienced industry experts willing to dive into the mix? Perhaps up-and-coming technology could fulfill growing demand while making financial matters easier to handle for advisors.

The Enterprise Solution You Need
The financial services industry is full of numbers – you likely already knew that – but with numbers come a slew of data. This information is housed on laptops, desktops, tablets and smartphones where it eats up space.

Unless a financial firm is willing to put forth the time and effort to keep critical business collateral up-to-date, there’s a good chance that the stored information isn’t always fresh. It may be a financial advisor’s responsibility to spend a few hours each week updating documents with relevant content, but wouldn’t it be easier if this could be done in minutes?

This is where Seismic comes into play.

Any financial advisor will tell you that it’s a daunting task to verify that all business collateral is not only relevant but compliant. Seismic can guarantee all of this and more, which is why the financial services industry turns to it as robust enterprise solution.

Customized presentations and reviews can be generated with a single click using Seismic. The proper disclosures can be included with any file, and documents can be made using data from external sources such as Salesforce and Excel.

Collaboration is also a breeze for advisors – documents can be shared between users within Seismic and uploaded onto a mobile device in seconds. Best of all, there’s no need to scramble to compose items such as investment reviews, pitch books and performance summaries. Seismic can help users automate these processes and save an extensive amount of time.

There’s no guarantee that technology such as Seismic will dramatically increase the number of experienced advisors who migrate into the field over the next few years. However, is it too far-fetched to envision a world where these miniscule tasks are automated so we can all spend a little more time working toward our goals?

To register for the webinar, click here.

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Elizabeth Dias

Elizabeth Dias is an experienced technology marketing strategist focused on the financial services and retail industry at Perficient. With over nine years of experience as a professional business-to-business (B2B) marketer, Elizabeth is knowledgeable in technology strategies for the financial services industry focusing on mobile banking and payments, data analytics, and enterprise information management. She also closely follows the fintech community as well as tech trends in social and digital, and is also an active blogger and thought leader on Twitter (@techmktggirl).

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