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Digital Transformation

Oracle and Panduit deliver Exceptional Digital Experiences

A trio of presenters at the Gartner Portal, Content, and Collaboration Summit in Las Vegas gave a talk on “Delivering on the Digital Experience Promise”. I found this to be insightful as a case study, but not revolutionary, more evolutionary. It was a great study in increasing loyalty and revenue from customers.

The trio included:

  • Andy Kershaw, Senior Director Oracle Social Network & WebCenter Business Development, Oracle
  • Vidya Iyer, IT Delivery Manager, Panduit
  • Patrick Garcia, IT Solutions Architect, Panduit

Panduit is a Chicago-based, private company, focused on delivering unified physical infrastructure and networking equipment. They operate with :

  • around 4000+ employees
  • through a network of partners
    • distributors – selling
    • contractors – installers
    • system integrators


Technology Trends

  • Multi-Channel
    • Mobile is just one – but critical in services and form factor
    • Social
    • Store, Restaurant,
    • all customer engagement points affect how the experience is perceived
  • Consumerization
    • the level of expectation is high
      • United app – change seat from mobile
      • DirectTV – record TV via mobile app
    • easy with which we have to change services
  • Cloud


Lifecycles are becoming shorter and shorter

  • implied lifetime in S&P 500 is falling
  • Hilton vs. AirBnB


What is Digital Business

Embrase Technology Advances + Empower Customers, Partners & Employees = Increased Profit Margins & Agility


25% of business will lose competitive ranking by 2017 as a result of digital business incompetence


86% of customers will stop doing business with an organization after one bad experience


55% of consumers prefer automated self-service, doubling figures seen in the past 5 years

  • AT&T – single click took Andy to credit card update page


$14k employees spend 9 hours per week searching for data and not finding it, costing companies >$14k per worker, per year.


61% of invoices are still processed using paper forms and documents

  • multiple people involved
  • errors
  • slow processes


How can Oracle help you enable the Digital Business

  • exceptional digital experiences
    • roll based
  • contextually managed content
  • optimize business process
    • integrating BPM


Exceptional Digital Experience

  • consistent customer experience
  • roll based information
  • across any channel (mobile, web, kiosk, shop floor)
  • personalized and relevant content – not general brand content




L.A. Dept. of Water & Power

– self-service portal

Provide water and power services to the city of LA

  • myLA311 app (pay your bill, customer service – report burst pipes, etc)


Contextually Managed Content

  • content lifecycle management
  • application integration
  • security & governance
    • on premis and cloud
    • single consistent way to manage policies


ex: sherwin Williams – automated invoice process


Optimizing the Business Processes

  • BPM
  • Business Modeling
  • Process Automation
  • continuous improvement


eg Boeing: efficient business processes

  • experts can focus on the process of fixing problems


Oracle WebCenter is the center of Digital Experiences for Business



Panduit Case;

  • 2011 business case
    • improve and modern web presence
    • become a solutions provider – not just manufacturing company
    • wanted to provide a unified web experience for partners / SSO to apps / role based & personalized / easy access to services
    • challenges
      • lots of sites and technologies
      • no standard tools
      • hard coded business rules
      • inconsistent mobility experience
      • no tracking of customer applications
      • no role-based services
    • Goal
      • become easy to do business with
      • external customers first
      • improve customer experience and revenue (the ROI that funded the project)
    • Solution Platform
      • WebCenter + Fusion Middleware (SOA)
      • Integrate with backend ERP (Oracle)
      • Integrate with cloud based tools (CRM)
      • Analytics
    • On-premis implementation of WebCenter suite
      • 5 months POC
      • 12 months including
        • UX and Creative
        • Requirements analysis
          • search, product pages, etc
        • Development, Testing, and Launch
    • Go live in January 2013
      • increased quality of sales leads
      • activity up 57%
      • positive customer feedback and usage
      • global, multilingual, website
      • role-based interaction
      • eliminated technology stacks
      • extending self-service request management using BPM

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