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Mentoring by Design

Perficient colleagues are strongly encouraged to pursue mentoring opportunities but in some cases our consultants go above and beyond. Lisa McMichael, a lead business consultant in Atlanta, has reached outside Perficient and volunteers her time to help user experience (UX) professionals who are just entering the field by partnering with UX Mentors. 
Lisa got involved with UX Mentors when she was attending an event in Atlanta last year and heard about the organization’s mission and that they were looking for volunteers. She felt confident in her mentoring ability because she had previously volunteered her time with Big Brothers/Big Sisters and built mentor/mentee relationships. 

LisaMcMichaelLisa currently mentors two junior UX developers on all aspects of their career. When asked what she found most rewarding about mentoring Lisa said, “Being able to help someone develop and grow is an excellent way for me to help the next generation take the next step in their careers. I’ve been able to help one of my mentees with her job search and provide some outside perspective on interviewing tips, non-compete agreements, and salary negotiations. I’ve also been able to mentor another young woman on how to build her professional network within the UX arena and provide some advice on how to build her portfolio.“

Lisa spends about an hour a week volunteering her time in this endeavor and has done most of the mentoring via email or phone. She’s had the opportunity to meet with both of the young women she’s mentoring in person and is truly making a difference in the lives of those around her. 

Is there a professional mentoring organization that’s made a difference in your career?  Please tell us in the comment section below.

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