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Healthy Competition for Payers in Healthcare

Fact: the competitive landscape for #Healthcare plans is changing dramatically as new rules, regulations and competitors enter the market. It’s not as if there has never been competition between payers (insurers) before, it’s just not been as intense and fast moving as it is today.

Without question, payers must do everything possible to attract and retain their customers. That is why we are beginning to see new, extremely user-friendly websites replace old ones; more content made easily available to clients through custom portals; and, new types of services and benefits emerge.

Some Healthcare insurance companies are better equipped than others to enhance their customer facing profiles. They have made several types of investments and launched #smartmarketing programs. Those that are well positioned in today’s environment have most of the following in common:

  • Data has been fully migrated, cleansed an rationalized─ allowing for 360° views of customers and prospects
  • Information on clients is being shared across the organizationHealthcare Payors
  • Company representatives are utilizing mobile apps for greater flexibility
  • Customer Service infrastructure has been expanded to support a larger 24×7 customer base
  • New structured sales processes have been deployed
  • Technology costs have been lowered by moving systems to the #Salesforce cloud

To learn more about how you can help your company transform itself in this new environment, attend our webinar on April 29th.

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