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Life at Perficient

How Perficient Identifies Leaders

As a rapidly growing company, Perficient provides many leadership opportunities to both existing employees and external candidates. In this installment of Life at Perficient, our director of talent acquisition, Michell Valentine, shares some of the qualities that Perficient looks for in future leaders.
How Perficient Identifies LeadersEmpowering – Leaders at Perficient need to help their team members realize and live up to their full potential. Empowering employees to take decisive action and teaching them the right processes to make those decisions plays a significant role in how quickly a team will develop.
Undeterred – Whether one is building custom technology solutions for clients, coaching a team member, or making personal changes to lead a balanced life, there will be sometimes be setbacks along the way. Perficient’s best leaders rally their teams with an infectious spirit of determination that motivates colleagues to see projects through to successful completion.
Forward Thinking – The ability to predict how technology will change, how team members will develop, and how the needs of clients will change are key components to ensuring Perficient’s continued success. A strong leader has a vision and plan for the future, can adapt the team accordingly, and adjust to changes in the client’s needs as they arise.
Company Focused – Perficient is always looking for entrepreneurial-minded individuals who have the ability to envision how they can help Perficient grow. The ability of our leaders to implement ideas that help Perficient to reach future goals is a key component of our growth.
Are there any additional traits you feel should be on this list? Feel free to list them in the comment section below.

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