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Salesforce1-#MobileApps: Life Without Them?

Salesforce1 Mobile Apps

“Going mobile,” “working in the cloud,” “being virtual,” are all phrases that are beginning to sound passé. Today, most of us would agree that being able to work and live without walls and wires is a given, pretty much mandatory.

Salesforce1 Mobile AppsWhile the personal benefits of mobile apps are easy to relate to, the business benefits are easy to understand as well. Here’s an eBook that recently published on the “10 Advantages of a Mobile Sales Team.”

The benefits outlined in their review are spot-on and can be applied to most other functions in an organization ─ customer #support, #marketing, #operations, etc.

What’s missing in the eBook, most probably by design, is the impact of mobile to a company’s brand. Think about it…when you have a sales representative using a tablet to share important product and performance information with you, you can’t help but think that this is a progressive company, one that is sophisticated, savvy. You feel smarter, more secure about working with a company that uses technology effectively. “This company is going to help me succeed. What’s better than that?”

Don’t forget that mobile apps positively impact employees that are using them to transact business too. We’ve heard many end-users say they feel more productive, happier, less stressed, more informed than ever before. A few of our customers have also told us that they can’t imagine working any other way now…we are working the way we live.

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