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Manage Your Content the Sitecore Way!

Written by Nikhil Deshmukh
I have a CMS but…
There is a notion that a content management system will act like a silver bullet and will solve all of your content problems. While this can be true after initially starting to use your CMS, sometime down the line there will inevitably be a need for more enhancements to meet your ever-changing business needs. If your business grows globally, there will come a need for a multi-lingual website; if you want your users to be free of the burden of remembering their password, enter the need for social login integration; if you want your users to buy your products online, you’ll need to integrate eCommerce. So, to thrive in eBusiness and get the maximum out of your investment, various CMS enhancements will become necessary.
Ask – “What do I need?” rather than “What can be done?”
While implementing a content management system, it is important to fully understand the full capabilities of the platform. To start, Sitecore includes various exciting features that make the life of a content author easy. From there, they provide scalability through customization, to enhance and expand from the core system, making your user experience even better. From managing very large amounts of product data, getting various custom reports to analyze sales and determine marketing strategies, to managing multi-lingual and multiple sites from a single admin panel – Sitecore provides a future-proof solution. With the amount of customizations available, approach enhancements from a business need first.

Enhancing an already robust Sitecore.
As experts at implementing Sitecore, we can customize the already feature rich Sitecore to meet all of your business needs. These customizations will certainly help to enhance your website management experience, thereby offering more services to your customer:

  • Multi-site Experience – Have multiple websites’ content managed from a single Sitecore login. No need to hop from backend to backend to make edits.
  • Digital Marketing System (DMS) – Get a wealth of default analytics reports, and add more custom reports as you define the need.
  • Search Engine Optimization – Increase your market reach and enhance your SEO rankings by easily implementing SEO best practices.
  • Email Campaign Manager – Email Campaign Manager can be integrated on top of Sitecore DMS, where you can create, send and manage fully integrated email campaigns.
  • CRM-like Dynamics – Enhance user experience by importing existing users from a CRM (like Salesforce) and if needed create a protected section on your website where only those users have access.
  • PIM Integration – Import products from any external Product Information Management system, and display it in Sitecore; critical for customers who have extensive product information to be distributed as a feed to different channels (Amazon, Sitecore, Google, etc.). All the product information is managed centrally in a PIM system and its data is sent as a feed to all disparate systems.
  • Site Search – Enhance customer experience using website search, or have different search options like Product Search, Media Search, Facetted Search, etc.

A calculated implementation strategy makes it easy.
Perficient assists you in building the perfect solution right from the first step of discovery through the complete execution and application of a solution. With the right exposure of implementation at every step, we supply sufficient time for your website admin user to blend in with the system and get up to a level of comfort. All the dilemmas that were once there while choosing the right Content Management System will start disappearing, delivering the WOW feeling at the end of each project. Creating customized, relevant website experiences for every customer is the goal of our implementation strategy; and such advanced technologies allow for the execution of a successful return on investment for you and your business.

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