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Adobe Summit: Building a Global Digital Marketing Platform

This session had a nice abstract that set some high expectations for a case study.

Creating a dynamic platform to support global digital marketing programs? PwC and USG developed a strategic plan and roadmap to deliver an integrated solution that enables local markets to take advantage of the global investment, from digital asset management, assets and product data, to developing country-specific workflows, while also ensuring brand compliance and consistent analytics and measurement. This scalable, Adobe Marketing Cloud based solution provides USG with the framework to target its marketing and optimize experience based on real-time data. Learn how USG and PwC collaborated to develop a cloud-based platform based on Adobe Experience Manager, Adobe Analytics and Adobe Tag Manager, and DAM. In this session: – Learn how starting with a Mobile First mentality drove the experience design – Discuss global analytics dashboards – Explore marketing automation platform integration, and hear how USG is leveraging the platform for their employee intranet This session is for digital marketers.


  • 50 billion connected devices by 202
  • 2X the E7 GDP will double
  • Gartner by 2017 the CMO will spend more on IT than the CIO
  • eMarketer – just under 40% of marketing big data spending will go to software investment

USG is a building manufacturer. They had a large impact in the recent downturn and needed to deal with that plus making changes in how the company dealt with the market.  They had a lot of challenges including an outdated site, outdated technology, no clear user experience, no analytics or decent benchmarks. On top of that they were in the midst of going global
The old site was a bunch of links focused on their products and not much. It had little valuable information.

What did they do?

It started with user research

  • Interviews
  • Personas
  • customer journey
  • Industry research
  • full technical and architecture analsysis
  • Better metrics and a plan for metrics

The deliverables was a scorecard and a roadmap on moving forward.  They used the term “insights” that would drive a more valuable experience

  1. Organization of content was needed
    1. Search vs browse. Needed to support both
  2. Must focus on the user experience
    1. Mobile first philosophy
    2. Data rules with key analytics
    3. Structure that scales

The customer journey
One key focus was on supporting the customer journey with the focus on the four sub-principles.  USG chose Adobe Experience Platform and other tools.
Search vs browse:
had to support both.  Purposeful navigators and inspired explorers both needed to be supported.  Insights came as they looked at the web analytics with a lot of site failures.
The home page is now much simplified. Search is now predictive and allows for search by item and form numbers.  The search results are very clean with an easy to use “add to submittal” feature
Mobile First
It’s a Philosophy of designing for mobile interfaces first and then for more rich interface, add to it.
They built a set of customized dashboards to get actionable insights using Site Catalyst.  It allowed for more detailed dashboards to see what was working and what was not.   They could view by market (Mexico vs USA) and by a lot of other filters.
Structure that Scales
productThey started with the simple stuff like templates and web analytics and move on to features like countries, languages, intranet.

  • Consistent branding across the world. May change colors but other features in the theme remain the same
  • Developer a product wizard to create a uniform product page that fits that structure that scales mantra
  • Pulled in 10,000 digital assets localized through the tag manager
  • Wanted to use Adobe Cloud for intranet and campaign
  • Intranet
    • Unified security
    • Reuse of the tool
    • Social connections and commenting on articles
    • Team publishing and collaboration
  • Support for microsites like Team USA that went live during the Sochi Olympics

Getting It Done

  • Multi-phase plans
  • Agile appraoch
  • Parallel development teams
  • 7 total iterations over 12 months
  • Rebranding with the Olympics
  • Included changes to design based on market changes


  • 153% increase in useage
  • exit rate down by 5%
  • 15% increase in return to site
  • 16% increase in product page views
  • 76% more page views
  • 13% decrease in home page bounce rate

USG now has a a rocket ship prepped for future changes with a great view on the digital experience of their users.

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