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Adobe Summit: Keynote REI and Adobe Campaign Updates

Brad Brown, Senior VP REI Digital

It’s amazing how much has changed over time. REI is trying to get users online to have a similar to a real and personal experience they might have at an REI store.  REI has a deep loyalty database which can help create a better experience.
What are you doing?

  • Back to basics
  • Have a new order system
  • Implemented search and promote in February.  Want to help customers find the products, information, and technical advice
  • Mobile goes mainstream.  Almost overwhelmed with the number of mobile devices. Have to do a better job with mobile
    • Want to deliver better mobile service to customers and to Green Vests
  • Brad is working on getting to know the CEO so he can do a better job in the digital world
  • Thinking about using ibeacon

You can’t imaging doing this without technology but that’s necessary but not sufficient. REI is betting on Adobe to continue to advance products and Marketing Cloud in a way that gives REI a scalable and integrated tool set.  Let the REI team have one set of analytics and one set of tools.

Adobe Campaign

When Adobe surveyed the market, they found one player with the cross channel and multi-feature solution.  That was Neolane, now Adobe Campaign.   Mathieu of Adobe Campaign showed a demo.

  • Today, adobe Campaign has been fully redesigned to use the Marketing Cloud
  • Still use the same program / campaign organization
  • Redesigned interface is much nicer than the old interface
  • The workflow now incorporates the data and assets from other parts of the Marketing Cloud
    • Showed a real time campaign message through the mobile app
    • Pulled data from social media, profile info from registration, etc.
    • Had some problems because it was live
    • Took into account partner, customer, and other data as well
    • Tracks all sorts of data. How much time on the mobile app, what you are doing in what session, weather if you plan on skiing on Friday, etc.
    • Used the campaign to send out a personalized message to all the attendees as we were at the keynote.

One key item here.  The UI was very revised from what I’ve seen of recent Adobe Campaign / Neolane releases.
Here is the personalized email they sent:

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