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Webinar: How ProHealth Innovates in Population Health Management

For healthcare providers, it can be a challenge to effectively manage population health, and consistently measure and report its outcomes. Recently, ProHealth Care announced that it was the first healthcare system to use Epic’s data warehouse, Cogito, in a production environment. prohealth2Specifically, ProHealth implemented the data warehouse to help its physicians assess their entire population and target interventions as needed. From the Press Release.

ProHealth is using the data warehouse to converge data sources and create physician profiles, which allow physicians to easily see which of their patients are in need of important health screenings or care interventions.
“Our new physician-specific practice profiles represent a huge advance in our ability to both improve the care of individual patients and manage the health of the population we serve,” said Kathy Scott, Ph.D., ProHealth Care’s chief innovation officer.
The system provides profiles for more than 460 physicians in the ProHealth Solutions accountable care organization. ProHealth Solutions includes physicians employed by ProHealth Care as well as independent physicians.
Few ACOs and group practices are capable of producing individual, interactive reports of this type. The reports represent an important new tool for physicians as they track and manage the health of their patients.

Next week, on Wednesday, March 26, 2014, Christine Bessler, CIO and VP of Technology at ProHealth Care, and Juliet Silver, Director of Healthcare Advisory Services at Perficient, will team up for a webinar, Learn How ProHealth Care Is Innovating in Population Health Management with Clinically Integrated Insights, to show attendees how the healthcare system produced reports and data out of Epic’s Cogito data warehouse.
During the session, Christine will also discuss how they delivered clinically integrated insights to 460 physicians, and how access to analytics allows their physicians to easily see which patients need important health screenings or care interventions, setting the stage for enhanced preventive care and better management of chronic diseases. She’ll cover ProHealth Care’s strategy to integrate data from Epic with information from other EMRs and data sources to deliver clinically integrated BI, and how ProHealth Care is positioning itself to deliver against an advanced self-service BI capability in the future.
Juliet will share insight into the methodology applied to establish data governance as a discipline at ProHealth Care, and how the Business Intelligence Competency Center came to be.
To register for the webinar, click here.
How ProHealth Care Is Innovating in Population Health Management with Clinically Integrated Insights
Wednesday, March 26, 2014
1:00 p.m. CDT

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