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Webinar Recap & Replay: Big Data and the Intelligent Enterprise

On Wednesday, we hosted a webinar on Big Data: Using Microsoft Enterprise Information Solutions to Make Smarter Business Decisions. During the session, Duane Schafer, Microsoft BI Practice Director at Perficient, began by defining Big Data, then analyzing Big Data with the Microsoft platform (including ways to manage structured vs. unstructured data such as a parallel data warehouse or Hadoop), visualizing Big Data and Excel, and wrapped up with a discussion around the future of Big Data.
When defining Big Data, he kicked off with some interesting information. For example, do you know the original three Vs of Big Data? Volume, velocity and variety. What about the other Vs, like veracity, validity and volatility? If you want to know how this all relates to dinosaurs, you can check out the presentation below, or watch the webinar recording at your leisure.
Wondering about audio/video in terms of Big Data? Duane shared a recent article on why video is the next big thing in Big Data, which talks about how some retailers are already putting this into use – and it goes beyond tracking customers’ activities. While discussing ways to visualize Big Data, he showed interesting video clips, including a Power Map creation video and a Power Map healthcare video. Those are available for viewing in the on-demand webinar.
Duane also shared some remarkable uses of Big Data that show us what to expect next. One such use comes from General Motors, where GM is now putting RFID tags in bolts, turning what most of us think of as very simple hardware into tracking devices that ensure everything is assembled properly.

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