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Why business intelligence isn’t the end game for health analytics

A few years ago, I transplanted my family from the south to Washington DC. I love the Capital, for its history, its influence, but we quickly realized we had left Mayberry and arrived on Jupiter. Horns honked and people moved around briskly. Maybe it was us – our naivete — or maybe it was the community we had arrived in. But we quickly realized: “If you order french fries, you get french fries.” And only french fries. Months of dining out were spent, only to find that our presumed “condiments” were not standard with our order. We would have to ask for them and specify the quantity. French Fries and 2 ketchups, please.

Careful.Well I clicked my heels three times and eventually moved us back to our Mayberry. It’s been three years and my son and I will still giggle together when we order french fries and see someone going out of his or her way to offer ketchup. And when we say “Yes, Please”, we get several packets.

Data Intelligence - The Future of Big Data
The Future of Big Data

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Consulting in Healthcare is no different. We’ve grown accustomed to the “build to spec” approach. You get exactly what you asked for.

I’m thankful to be a part of Perficient and the Oracle Healthcare Business Intelligence team. We share a common philosophy – understand what the customer wants to achieve, coach and advise available options, design and deliver a solution that fulfills their NOW problem and simultaneously prepared them for the next 5 years. It’s not just a report – it’s Healthcare Analytics.

…and yes, we do say “Please and Thank You!”


Join us at HIMSS. Our booth number is #2035, just behind the IBM booth. Enter to win one of three FitBit Flexes we are giving away to those who enter at (need not be in attendance at HIMSS to win).
The Perficient Oracle team will be available at our Perficient HIMSS booth # 2035 and at Oracle booth # 2165 to showcase our healthcare solutions. Come by for hands demonstrations of Perficient’s healthcare analytic solutions, or sign up at to get in touch with one of our Oracle healthcare experts about your needs.
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