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Oracle Merging It's Marketing Cloud Into Tighter Knit Suite

As anyone who has followed the Digital Marketing world knows, Oracle bought Eloqua, Responsys, and Compendium. They all form the Oracle Marketing cloud although they haven’t gone through a lot of integration.  Oracle announced some information on the alignment of product release cycles and other updates. PC World has an article about it.

Oracle Merging It's Marketing CloudOracle is trying to differentiate itself from the pack on a number of fronts, according to Stetic. One is the “openness of our platform,” he said.
Oracle will make it purposely easy for companies to build integrations between the Marketing Cloud and other data sources or enterprise applications, Stetic added.
In addition, Oracle’s tools can give companies “the most complete view of the customer,” with advanced collection of attributes and their online behavior, he said.

In addition, Market Watch has a little more info straight from a press release about the enhanced Oracle Eloqua enhancements and there are quite a few including deeper Oracle Social integration.

—  Extending its commitment to helping CMOs and their global marketing
teams optimize the customer experience and execute marketing campaigns
that have a measurable impact on revenue, Oracle today introduced new
functionality and enhancements to Oracle Eloqua.
—  With the latest release of Oracle Eloqua, marketers can deliver more
meaningful engagement and experiences than ever before by integrating
data sources to build a complete and actionable view of customers.
—  The enhancements support key marketing initiatives, including content
marketing and social relationship management, by empowering marketers
to deliver targeted and dynamic content in emails, blogs, social media
sites and landing pages.
—  To help further optimize the performance of marketing campaigns, the
latest release of Oracle Eloqua also includes Revenue Dashboards that
provide clear and actionable visibility into marketing’s impact on
revenue and customer responses.
—  Oracle Eloqua is the only solution that enables marketers to manage
campaigns with owned, earned and paid media objectives in a single
Integrated Marketing Automation, Content Marketing and Social Relationship Management
—  The latest release extends Oracle Eloqua’s support for modern
marketing by introducing the following new features and enhancements:
—  New content marketing applications
—  Enhance collaboration, delivery and measurement of content
marketing programs.
—  Allow marketers to quickly create, score and publish highly
relevant and targeted content, optimizing organic search for
improved lead and customer acquisition.
—  An integrated calendar app enables Oracle Eloqua campaigns to
be viewed on a master calendar alongside content marketing
campaigns and scheduled content delivery.
—  Help marketers design persona-specific content that can be
reused across marketing channels though dynamic insert of the
right content for the right person
—  Simplified email wizard and reporting
—  Streamlines the development, execution and reporting of one
off email campaigns like announcements, special newsletters
and limited-time offers.
—  Guided email configuration with infographic-style email
reporting and easy scheduling with options to extend
deployment and select time windows.
—  Automatically includes referenced landing pages/forms into
campaigns for reporting and tracking engagement and
—  Visual dashboards that demonstrate marketing ROI
—  Revenue dashboards demonstrate marketing’s impact on revenue
by providing detailed insights into opportunity velocity,
pipeline value, marketing reach and campaign ROI metrics.
—  Visualization capabilities for CMOs and C-suite peers provide
actionable insights into marketing’s performance and customer
—  Dashboards empower executives to report by product, campaign
and region and also provide the ability to drill into
performance metrics to diagnose revenue cycle inefficiencies.
—  Enhanced Oracle Eloqua AppCloud development capabilities
—  Help Oracle Eloqua AppCloud partners streamline app
development, testing, deployment, management and usage
—  Provides new APIs that allow raw activity data to be extracted
in bulk at scale.
—  Make it easier and faster for marketers to select and manage
apps from a new central app catalog.
—  Streamline the development, testing and tracking of
third-party apps.
—  Increased language support
—  Interfaces now come in French, German, Brazilian Portuguese
and Spanish so marketers in global marketing teams can work in
their native languages.
—  Improves team collaboration and performance with more familiar
interfaces, while also empowering modern marketers across
cultural and global team roles.
—  Improves productivity by setting localization by browser
—  Expanded integrations with Oracle Sales Cloud and Oracle Social
—  Enables marketers to manage and improve customer experiences
across the customer lifecycle.
—  Oracle Sales Cloud integration improves field mapping and
activity logging.
—  Oracle Social Relationship Management (SRM) integration
enables marketers to publish landing pages to social media and
enhance the Universal Customer Profile with engagement data
from social channels.

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