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A healthcare treasure map leading to a single data warehouse

I’ve waited 20 years for my Treasure Map. Yes, a map with hidden passages, remote islands and an “X” to mark the spot. As kids, some of us hunted in our yards looking for buried treasures. Kids today use smart phone apps for activities like “Geocaching” to explore public and urban spaces. What do we use in Healthcare?

The single place to put a healthcareMany of us desire a chest full of clinical outcomes, protocol conformity, activity based costing, provider scorecard, genomic studies, Pharmacogenomic markers, Adverse Event analysis, and coordination of care analytics.

But lately, we have been lost – adrift at sea, hopping from one raft to another, and from one stranded island to the next more barren island. We’ve bought point solutions that offered the holy grail for a niche activity, all while knowing the vendor or the quick fix would evaporate before we had achieved broad-based adoption.

Data Intelligence - The Future of Big Data
The Future of Big Data

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Oh, I’ve been there – tasked with implementing the pet project for a clinical director or department chair. I’ve no sooner got the data in and one cycle of analysis out, than the provider champion would change their focus and the solution implemented didn’t transfer to the next project. (Sigh.)

So, you too may find yourself in the quagmire of disjointed and deployed “great ideas” that don’t share or harmonize true healthcare analytics: Revenue + Costing + Quality + Research.

And that brings me back to my map! I now have the Oracle Healthcare Clinical Data Model know as Enterprise Healthcare Analytics. A map as rich and wide as the healthcare industry is itself. From outpatient visits to emergency department to admissions to discharge to financial to research: I now have a single place to put a healthcare data warehouse. All the tables are there, all the mappings and all the ETL. My provider champions can dream of their great idea, and we can allocate resources to design the front-end analytics, all while leveraging the same data that other provider champions can spin in their own unique way.

I found my chest of treasures – to develop complete population health analytics and enable personalized medicine, all with visibility to the financial resources they consume.


Join us at HIMSS. Our booth number is #2035, just behind the IBM booth. Enter to win one of three FitBit Flexes we are giving away to those who enter at (need not be in attendance at HIMSS to win).
The Perficient Oracle team will be available at our Perficient HIMSS booth # 2035 and at Oracle booth # 2165 to showcase our healthcare solutions. Come by for hands demonstrations of Perficient’s healthcare analytic solutions, or sign up at to get in touch with one of our Oracle healthcare experts about your needs.

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