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Top 25 SharePoint Influencers #Top25sp

With the SharePoint Conference nearly upon us, Scratch Media has come out with a list of the Top 100 SharePoint Influencers in the world, and asked for votes to identify the top 25 SharePoint Influencers globally.  While there are many excellent and worthy candidates on the list, it shouldn’t include me, or my esteemed colleague, Windows Azure MVP, Ryan Duclos.
My Perficient choice would have been Rich Wood (@richOthewood) who blogs extensively on SharePoint, trends, future direction and strategy on Perficient’s Microsoft blog and is a top contributor at CMS Wire. He speaks extensively at industry and other events and will be speaking at the SharePoint Conference on Yammer External Networks; Engaging Customers and Partners.
That said, the list does include several worthy candidates.  Here are some of my favorite SharePoint (not technology) influencers.  Please note that I am not familiar with all those on the list and this is a personal selection based on what I know of their current status as a SharePoint influencer. My list includes MCM’s, authors, bloggers, speakers and those who I have encountered evangelizing SharePoint in recent years.  If you choose to vote, consider some of these folks.
Wictor WilenTom ResingSpencer HarbarLaura RodgersFabian WilliamsDux Raymond SyBill BaerBecky Isserman
Christian BuckleyJoel Oleson

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