Selecting the Right Implementation Partner for Salesforce

Selecting the Right Implementation Partner for Salesforce

Whether you are thinking about implementing a Salesforce solution or expanding upon the Salesforce solution you already have, there are several factors to consider when selecting the right company to partner with:

1)     Do they have extensive experience implementing a Salesforce solution with companies in your industry?

Selecting the Right Implementation Partner for Salesforce2)     How knowledgeable are they building and deploying the specific type of cloud you need (Sales, Service, Marketing, etc.)?

3)     Do they have a track record of building custom applications to meet the unique requirements of different types of businesses and business situations?

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4)     Are their consultants innovative and do they offer new ideas to help run the project so it comes in on time and on budget?

5)     Do you get the feeling that they view your success as their success?

6)     How flexible are they? Will they recommend different approaches to implement your solution based upon the need to scale over time?

7)     Do they have technical knowledge that transcends Salesforce or access to experts in…?

  • Integration
  • Business Intelligence
  • Mobile
  • Social
  • Master Data Management
  • User Experience
  • Content Management

8)     Will they be there when the implementation or its first phase is complete with service, support and training?

9)     Last but not least, is there a cultural fit? In other words, will the company and its people feel like they are part of your team?

If you’d like to meet an implementation team that you will want to work with, feel free to contact us today.

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