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Salesforce Delivers Scale, Security, Compliance and Social in Healthcare

Healthcare organizations must comply with complex medical coding and billing rules, along with HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) privacy and security regulations. Healthcare data, including Protected Health Information (PHI), must be kept secure, confidential, and available only to authorized users, traceable, reversible and preserved for long periods of time. The right cloud solution for a provider must account for all of these concerns while conforming to HIPAA and Meaningful Use requirements.

Salesforce Delivers Scale, Security, Compliance and Social in HealthcareUntil recently, most security measures have been handled in-house because many healthcare executives believed that keeping medical records behind a firewall is the safest choice. However, the IT resources needed to manage EHRs and comply with security and privacy regulations can quickly overwhelm even those organizations with high-end IT capabilities. Smaller practices may lack IT capabilities altogether. In addition, there have been a number of highly publicized breaks in security in which personal medical data was lost or stolen.

Common knowledge to many in the industry is the fact that the cloud has proven every bit as secure as private networks and on premise solutions. In fact, Salesforce’s solutions for healthcare conform to HIPAA regulations and are easily configured to meet the unique security and regulatory needs of the industry. A new generation of healthcare professionals have confidence in the cloud, and are turning to Salesforce for a solution today.

Learn more about how the cloud is transforming the healthcare industry.

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