3 Flows To Take Your Community to the Next Level

Deal Registration Visual Workflow Example

Looking for ways to make your Salesforce Community work better for you and your customers and/or partners? Try using Salesforce Visual Workflow to capture data from your customers in a more visually appealing way. The end result? Happier customers/partners and better quality data. Here are three great ways to improve your Salesforce Community user experience:

Deal Registration: Break a lengthy deal registration form into several pages (i.e. Partner Information, Customer Information, Deal Information). Include more copy around the kind of information that you’d like to receive from partners to ensure that you are getting the information you need to successfully qualify deals.

Deal Registration Visual Workflow Example

Case Submission: Ask your customers targeted questions when they submit a case. Capture the product they are logging a case against and then ask only questions relevant to that product. Are they able to power the device on? If yes, what color is the pilot light: solid red, flashing red, solid green, flashing green, or no light is visible? If no, is the device plugged in? Customers can log cases faster and with less frustration.

Custom Survey: Give customers a way to provide you feedback without investing in a 3rd party survey application.This works extremely well for simple surveys that include rating something from 1-5 or responding to short answer questions; however, if you want to ask more complex questions, you’ll want to invest in a survey application. I’m a big fan of Clicktools.

Ready to get started? Check out our blog “3..2..1 Flow! Salesforce Visual Workflow in 3 easy steps” for implementation tips.






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