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The CIO’s Guide to a Lync Server 2013 Global Design

More and more organizations are deploying Lync 2013, as it provides a single solution that unites voice, IM, audio, video, and web-conferencing into a richer, more simplified experience. It allows employees to work from just about anywhere to communicate securely and stay connected with colleagues and customers.
When an organization decides to take advantage of Lync Server 2013’s powerful features, it needs to understand the impacts Lync Server 2013 can have on the global IT infrastructure’s network, security, telephony and virtualization. Because of this, to reap the benefits of all that Lync Server 2013 has to offer, you’ll want to ensure your organization spends the appropriate time planning the solution design before reaching deployment.CIOs Guide to a Lync Server
In the newly published white paper, “The CIO’s Guide to a Lync Server 2013 Global Design,” author Jason Sloan addresses two key areas that are often overlooked by organizations during the planning stage: impact to server infrastructure and the impact to the network. With Lync Server 2013 having evolved into a business-critical communication platform, these are crucial areas of consideration.
Jason begins by discussing server planning and placement, and its impact on the organization. He then explains the potential impact to the network, including the traffic impact, as well as bandwidth requirements for content sharing and video. Bottom line – for Lync to be adopted and accepted, CIOs should expect to be involved. IT departments cannot effectively carry out a global Lync strategy on their own. When it comes to complex infrastructure and usability decisions, executive leadership is critical to the success of a deployment.
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