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Using Splunk with Cognos TM1

IBM Cognos TM1 offers powerful enterprise planning, forecasting, and analysis capabilities. These benefits are best realized by extending the solution across departments for a consolidated, integrated planning process, leveraging business-specific financial models that mirror business strategy.

Our years of experience implementing TM1 have shown an increasing demand on support personnel to coordinate data transferring and loading activities without any errors. The ability to monitor and troubleshoot these errors using TM1 is cumbersome, with administrators relying on multiple production log files and error files referenced in the various logs. As a company’s TM1 server footprint grows, this adds to the complexity and decreases the support group’s effectiveness in helping end users during critical month-end data updates. The MTTR (mean time to resolve) and MTTI (mean time to identify) root causes for data issues and environment-related problems often takes hours.

Introducing Splunk Plus for TM1

To address these challenges, we offer Splunk Plus for TM1, a solution that captures disparate sets of IBM TM1 log files in real time and provides visibility into troublesome issues that cost TM1 administrators time and resources. By ingesting log file data and quickly extracting valuable information, Splunk Plus for TM1 provides a level of insight and visibility into the health of your TM1 environment that simply is not possible using tools provided by TM1 out-of-the-box.

With Splunk Plus for TM1, administrators gain insight into the following questions not easily answered natively by TM1:

  • What is causing poor health in the TM1 environment?
  • How many Turbo Integrator Processes have failed in the last 15 minutes with rejected records and who ran the processes?
  • What percentage of TM1 processes have completed successfully?
  • What TM1 processes are taking an abnormally long time to complete?
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Solution Features

Splunk Plus for TM1 ingests and visualizes machine data for TM1 instances. The application is highly instrumented and allows administrators to interact with TM1 application and error logs. Users can pivot on time ranges, environment, TM1 applications/instances, TI (Turbo Integrator) type, and process results to tailor a view from TM1 metrics into reports, alerts, and dashboards that matter.

Dashboards provide both executives and operations stakeholders meaningful and actionable historical and real-time insights into the operational health of TM1. The application facilitates troubleshooting and faster root cause analysis for conditions that could lead to outages before they happen.

The following dashboards are included with Splunk Plus for TM1:

  • Executive Overview via Rolled up KPIs
  • TI Investigation
  • TI Status
  • TI Failures
  • TI Visualizer
  • TI Notables


Solution Benefits

While the value of TM1 is undeniable, additional capabilities are required to optimize application support. By offering these capabilities, Splunk Plus for TM1 provides considerable benefits to TM1 administrators through unparalleled visibility into the TM1 environment. By improving TM1 administration, support teams can more effectively perform tasks and ultimately meet service level agreements.

This solution is available as a free app on Splunkbase:

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