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Kudos introduces innovative Kudos Boards for IBM Connections

Kudos is best known for providing add-ons to IBM Connections that help with and encourage adoption of the social media platform. Kudos Badges is a gamification system that includes missions, rewards, ranking and leaderboards.

Just ahead of IBM Connect 2014, Kudos has announced a new product called Kudos Boards. Boards is targeted at the Activities feature of IBM Connections. Activities is a key project management feature that allows teams to create tasks, share content, track progress, and so on. If you get involved in many projects or even one big project, you can end up with long lists of activities to track. Just as with a long list in your inbox, you may start to ignore tasks further down the list. The image below shows a typical Activities screen with lots of tasks.

Kudos Boards aims to help you stay on top of your activities by visually organizing Activities into boards. Kudos describes their boards as being like Kanban boards. I also liken them to Agile story boards.


In addition to displaying the Activity Board, you will be able to drag and drop activities around on the board, create new activities, and instantly update when other people work with their activities. Kudos Boards can be linked together.

Kudos is going to be announce more information on January 21, 2014 and you will be able to see Kudos Boards at IBM Connect.

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