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Top 5 of the 10 Most Important Service Cloud Enhancements to Implement in 2014

Get 2014 off to a great start with these Service Cloud Enhancements. Perficient Service Cloud experts developed this  list to help clients hone in on the features and functionality that can help boost your Customer Service performance.

Top 5 Service Cloud Enhancements


#1 Console for Service Cloud

If you’re in a fast-paced environment, the enhanced Console helps you locate, update, and create records quickly, as well as gain better visibility into Case records and supplemental account information.

  • NEW See Account data with a list of open Opportunities next to open Case records
  • NEW- View Case Contact details along with current/past Case data, while the Case record is open in the console

#2 Enhanced Lookups

Search on more fields, faster.

  • NEW- For certain objects, search on key fields like Email or other contact info, opposed to Contact Name only, speeding lookup with more functionality.

#3 Live Agent

If you aren’t using Live Agent, now’s a great time to take a second look to provide instant answers to your website customers.

  • NEW- Multi-lingual support with localized greeting chat messaging and the ability to view the language of the incoming chat message in the queue before agents accept the chat
  • NEW Chat Tab Alerts let you configure warnings or specific messages based on how long an agent is taking to reply to a customer
  • NEW- Transfer chats to internal product specialists or escalate to a team lead or manager
  • NEW Supervisor Controls provide greater visibility of agent workload and   real-time metrics and “whispering” capability to assist agents without the chat visitor noticing
  • NEW- Canned Messages/Quick Text functionality improves agent efficiency   and “buys time” when the agent is investigating an issue

#4 Communities

Are your Communities thriving? Empower your members to ensure that your content is relevant, thought provoking, and meets your Communities’ needs.

  • NEW- Identify specific users as Community Moderators to review posts and comments, delete files and flag or take action in the Community, as required

#5 Chatter in Communities

Keep up-to-date with what’s happening within your Community.

  • NEW- Community members that belong to one or more Chatter groups have the option to receive a daily email digest about all the items they follow—just like internal users

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Thoughts on “Top 5 of the 10 Most Important Service Cloud Enhancements to Implement in 2014”

  1. Great list! Too many companies neglect the service cloud console in their initial implementation. It’s probably the most productivity-enhancing tool any call center or service organization could ever implement…and now it’s available for Sales Reps too!

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