Congratulations to Perficient’s Jason Follas, Microsoft MVP of the Year


Every year, Microsoft awards a group of Developer MVPs with an additional recognition. It has become a tradition to recognize those MVPs who have demonstrated exceptional community effort by inviting them to a special dinner during the yearly MVP Summit event located at the Redmond headquarters. Technical Fellows Anders Hejlsberg and Brian Harry were hosts to this year’s event which celebrated 29 community leaders during the Developer MVP Recognition Dinner. This year, our own Jason Follas was awarded with this special recognition for his effort and dedication to the technical community in Microsoft’s Heartland District and beyond.

The MVPs recognized were selected through a selection processed handled by key Microsoft employees and more importantly, Jason’s peers in the MVP community. Jason is a dedicated community member who gives a lot of time and energy to user groups and technical conferences; he is one of the organizers behind the Day of .NET in Ann Arbor, in addition to CodeMash. Jason is also a leader for the Northwest Ohio .NET User Group in Toledo and is currently an Architect in the Detroit LBU. Congratulations Jason!

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