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What is your response to Digital Disruptors?

James McQuivey, an analyst at Forrester, discusses the concept of Digital Disruption, and has a book out by the same name. It’s also available in the Kindle Lending Library. I’ve not read it yet, but will post a review in the next few weeks. However the gist of the concept is that the traditional corporate view was that only a few very large companies had the budgets to bring a few disruptive offerings to market. Since around 2010, and the dawn of the “Age of the Customer” barriers to entry have been falling to extremely low levels, which results in more ideas coming to market at a significantly low cost per idea. This is happening in all industries, from automatic to zinc extraction.

digital-disruption-book-3d-200x243I believe key components of Digital Disruption are collaborative and digital experience technologies. They enable disparate groups to initially share and exchange ideas, and by the way, this could include sites like popular blogs or Wikipedia articles. And, they ultimately enable better interaction with a diverse range of customers, and developing an important feedback loop.

A new startup called, called Coin, hopes to disrupt the wallet or purse industry by helping customers lighten their load of credit, debit, membership and store cards. Essentially what they hope to do is consolidate all your cards onto a single “Coin” card and your iPhone. I doubt the wallet industry has seen this coming.

Thoughts on “What is your response to Digital Disruptors?”

  1. We’ve discussed Coin in the Financial Services group frequently and covered similar types of fintech “disruptors” on Perficient’s Financial Services Technology blog. I think the key takeaway from the discussion around the consumerization of technology and how organizations handle disruption goes back to identifying and building a solid business case around solving a true customer problem. Coin is an alternative to the mobile payments trend that is disrupting the industry but the premise around both is, as you said, delivering better customer experiences and interactions with a brand. Dealing with digital disruption now includes the convergence of physical and digital experiences (social, mobile and web) and there’s a lot the CMO and CIO need to take into account. This is a great topic as companies are in the midst of strategic planning for 2014.

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