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Oracle Essbase Learning Path


After your purchase of Oracle Essbase, you are now ready to follow a curriculum geared towards your job role: business user, developer, or IT support. Each learning path is tailored to meet your specific training needs.

Business Users models and test complex business scenarios to rapidly discover trends and to analyze business issues hidden within the data. They are responsible for making accurate decisions in a timely manner by using Oracle Essbase. The following course is a recommended for the Business User:

  • ·         Oracle Hyperion Smart View 11.1.2 for Essbase:  Learn how to use Smart View, a common Microsoft Office add-in (Excel, Word and PowerPoint), to query, analyze, and share data stored in Essbase databases. You connect to data sources and create ad hoc queries and free-form grids. You import Workspace documents into Microsoft Office. Finally, you use smart slices and Report Designer to create customizable reports with interactive components and apply advanced formatting to grids.

Oracle Essbase Developer implements the new software by designing, executing, and testing it. They are responsible for setting up and programming the application to meet the requirements of its end users.

  • ·         Oracle Essbase 11.1.2 Bootcamp: This course teaches you the principal techniques and theories to design Essbase block storage databases. Block storage databases are deployed independently for budgeting, forecasting and planning, and as the underlying data storage and analytic engine for Hyperion Planning applications.


  • ·         Oracle Essbase 11.1.2: Calculate Block Storage Databases ( This course training teaches you the principal techniques and theories for the design of calculations in block storage databases with Essbase Release Expert Oracle University instructors will review database structure and configuration and teach you basic calculation building blocks, including FIX and IF statements.

Oracle Essbase IT support personnel assist end users by sustaining the computer environment. They configure the Oracle Essbase environment, set up security access, and perform database maintenance tasks to create optimal performance. The following course is recommended for IT support personnel.

  • ·         Oracle Essbase 11.1.2 for System Administrators: You will learn how to perform back up, recovery, application migration and task automation. The course will help develop specific Essbase administrative skills so you are able to support projects.


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